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Life as an employed MBA grad during an economic recovery. DISCLAIMER: Everything written here is fiction.

Free stuff

So how do people deal with the low salaries (compared to NYC) in DC?  

By imbibing free alcohol and eating free hor’devoures at receptions or happy hours.   If you’re really cool, you get to go to Receptions on Capitol Hill thrown by corporate sponsors or lobbyers.  Although I would guess that the number of receptions has decreased as of late.  I don’t see it as a justifiable expense given the financial state of most of these firms these days, nor the supposed decrease in the amount of influence that lobbyers will have in the current administration.  Although once again, I’m sure they’ll continue to influence the Hill.

I don’t get to go the Capitol Hill parties tho — not influential enough, or shmoozy enough at this particular time.  But I did manage to get some free booze and “dinner” last night at the British embassy, where Bao and I knew some campaign folks who were leaving for Texas.  Apparently we knew the wife of the Assistant Director of something or the other from the Campaign, who was going to Houston to become the Deputy Consul at the Consulate — that’s a big enough title to attract someone to Houston, I guess (sorry Heather!).

So the free food consisted of asian-type beef on skewers, fried dumplings with smoked ham/sausage inside, veggies (which i sadly didn’t touch), and English Blue cheese and crackers.  Blue cheese is really good with those small, softish oatmeal crackers (the ones that are like moist-dry in your mouth)  — the sweetness of the cracker juxtaposes with the smelly-sockness of the blue cheese surprisingly well.  I ate like 10 skewers and 8 dumplings, and lotta cheese and crackers.  Didn’t need to eat again at night.  

It’s kinda fun pretending I’m a broke 20-something trying to make it in the big, bad world, skimmin’ on free apps at a party I’m crashing.  I guess the only pretend part of that is that I’m 20-something!  

Here’s a secret — always dress in a suit when you crash receptions.  That way no one questions your presence there.  A snappy tie doesn’t hurt, either. 

If you’re in DC and know of stuff with free food and booze, let me know.


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