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The Gaming Dilemma

To game, or not to game, that is the question.


Sorry to bastardize Shakespeare, but if he were alive today I’d ask his permission on FB.


Yesterday, after a 6 month hiatus, I reactivated my WoW account.  WoW = World of Warcraft = biggest online gaming time sink ever invented.  World of Warcraft, to those of you who may not know, is the most popular online (MMORPG) game to date — as of last November, 11.5 million subscribers.



Yes, it pretty nerdy, but also surprising popular, with rumors of everyone from Dave Chappelle to Jon Stewart (quite a diverse gamut of Comedy Central celebrities) enjoying the occasional WoW gaming spree.

The Beginning

I first started playing back in 2005, and for a good year, I was pretty addicted.  I used to obsess about it at my dead end job, spending my hours not on the game researching about the game, planning what I was going to do in-game, and dreaming about some day achieving l33t status amongst my gaming peers.  Lame?  Perhaps, but 11.5 million nerds can’t be wrong.

I’m not gonna get into details about the game, but suffice it to say after that year-long period, I cooled down somewhat, until I managed to get Viv addicted to the game as well, at which time the resurgence of my gaming personality ensued, with her following me around healing me as I killed shit.  She got tired of that pretty fast, and went on to start her own character which killed shit, but never got past the low levels.

Misha Gets a Life

After starting business school, due to partying, studying, and other time constraints, as well as the fact that my server was on US time with US people, while I was in the EU, 6 hours behind, my gaming fell off, and I started losing touch with my virtual buddies.

Fast forward to last summer.  Unemployed, friendless, I started playing again.  But not for THAT long, as I managed to engage myself on the Obama campaign.  Besides, somewhere deep inside, I knew it was not healthy to get started on this while still unemployed.  You can really live in this game.  Instances, or dungeons, can be done with anywhere from 5-40 other people, and can take anywhere from 1-5 hours.  When you’re part of a serious guild, you’re expected to committ at least 2-3 nights a week to this, and perhaps more.  You start feeling guilty when you don’t sign into the game, and start wondering what people are thinking about you.   You feel like you’re letting people down, etc., etc.  Its not only like a club, its like a life — a social life, even a professional life.  You have responsibilities.

The Rebirth of Uncool

So a couple of months ago, M, a colleague of mine from ESADE (also currently unemployed), revealed that he had started playing himself.  For a while I held 0ff, but last night, I reactivated my account, and after 4 hours of updates, started playing.  I immediately felt a sense of both boredom and excitement – a familiar (sigh) feeling, as I wasted an hour traveling to find M in a certain zone, found out all my skills were now different, respecced my character, and sold a bunch of shit — total time spent on game: 5 hours; total time online: 1 hour; total time playing: 10 minutes.  Now I remember why I hate this game — still, I’m looking forward to tonight.  And here I am, researching once again how to kill shit in the most awesome way, at my new dead end job.


Funnily enough, I recently invested in an Xbox 360.  I thought this was gonna be my big gaming thing (and it still might be).  But I’ve gotten quickly bored with any of the games I’ve played, and have yet to finish even one.  I’m sure that once I have my own place and can invest in Xbox Live, the 360 will whir noisily once again.

Till that time, its time to tank some instances. 




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One Response

  1. Mark Tansin says:

    Hey Misha,

    Play some podcasts in the background. Maybe that will make things productive.

    Also, if you have an xbox360, you can download netflix movies instantly.

    Either way, WC3 is a precursor to the future. Physical reality is going to decrease in importance as we spend more of our lives in front of computer screens. Who is to judge someone who has a blast playing WC3 their whole life vs. someone who just has a regular boring life. Neither solved poverty or the Middle East. If anything, the latter consumed more resources in the process.

    When we die, whatever we did in life doesn’t matter. So do whatever the hell you want.

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