The Sapient Ape

Life as an employed MBA grad during an economic recovery. DISCLAIMER: Everything written here is fiction.

Here’s Johnny!


Where to even begin?  I’ve been putting this off for some time, dreading looking at that graph of hits per day… but you know what?  I’ve been hovering around 10 — and shot up to 20-30 the last few days, so I guess its the right time for the Return of the Ape.

Reasons for not posting:

  • Lack of time, due to a couple of business plans I had hanging over my head, as well as the research and development of my own ideas, some of which I’ll get into shortly.
  • Lack of a motivation to write or of worthy subject material.  Thats a combination of life in the un-exciting city of Dhaka as well as my own inhibitions about putting some of my ideas on here — especially those of a sensitive commercial or for that matter, personal nature.
  • A general hatred for all mankind, in tune with the 5th phase of the planet Mercury, and the nexxus of Saturn and Uranus.  OK, just a general hatred for all mankind.

But I’m over all that now.  I broke through a brick wall today when I finished the second of my business plans for someone else and realized that now i can really follow my professional dream — build something that I own completely, that can not only make me bunchocasho, but also perhaps help… mankind?  Wait, didn’t I hate them a second ago?  Oh, the delicate balancing act that is the borderline personality disorder.

So the other day I spent pretty much the last of my money buying a ticket to Munich so that I can attend Intersolar 2009 — the largest solar power conference in the world.  Who says I’m not a risk taker anymore!  So that’s it — power generation.  Living here has made me realize that for Bangladesh, its going to be the next dotcom boom (although that didn’t happen here, really), the next telecom boom (which is already dying down)…

And I want in!  For the first time, I think I’m not only old enough to take on the responsibility of my own business but also find myself with the political connections to make my ideas happen.  Good job, dad, kissin’ up to your AL cronies.  Now its follow-through time.  Show Misha the money.  Between my relatives and friends, I’m somewhat well connected in Bangladesh all of a sudden.  I’m sure that balloon of hope will soon be popped, but allow me my moment of euphoria, as the jay I just toked on takes full effect.

And not only power generation — but renewable power generation.  As in solar, wind — but mainly solar.  Coz its frakkin’ hot here.  8.5 hours of sun as the yearly average.  4.5 kW per m2 per day.  That’s enough to make it work.  And its gettin’ hotter every year!  And I could swear the wind’s pickin’ up quite a bit, too, before those sudden monsoon storms.   But maybe that’s just the wind in my sails.


So what the hell do I know about solar, you may ask?  Well, I’ve learned a lot recently.  Next step, real world tests — I’ve got lots of good practical ideas that I think could work, but they need to be tested for viability.  I’ll start off with the small, simple ideas, and build, until some day soon, I will no longer be Misha, the Unemployed, but will have morphed to my next life-cycle form, born again in a flash of flame from the ashes of this recession.

Wow, I’m really pilin’ it on with the corny similes/metaphors.  Well its been a while, so what did you expect.  So that’s it over here, I’ve found my life path.

‘Cept for that Citibank Interview on Sunday… and did I tell you about my lil’ software idea?

Up next, one of the above, or maybe something about my hiring policies.

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