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VD, and Settling

Ahh Valentine’s Day.

Good — now that we’ve talked enough about Valentine’s Day, we can move on.

So a friend of mine from the campaign has received a job offer in NYC, and has decided to move back there, even though he’d rather stay here, and rather work somewhere else.  And who can blame him.

I faced a similar decision back in August — whether or not to accept an offer with a J&J subsidiary in Brussels, Belgium, for low pay.  My dilemma was whether to take an offer with a good company, but in a field I didn’t want to work in (pharma/medical devices), for not that much cash, in a location that wasn’t that hot.  And I turned it down.  Were I faced with this same decision today, I would… still not take it.  

In my mind, there are three factors to deciding on any offer — at least for me:

  1. Location – location, location.  I’ve always been a huge proponent of living in the right country/city/neighborhood, and I have to say, I’ve done well until now.  Now I’m scraping the bottom of the barrel in terms of where to live — DC.  OK, maybe I’m exaggerating, but when compared to Barcelona, NYC, and Shanghai, Washington DC ain’t all that.  This is probably the most important decision for me, but can be outweighed by a combination of the other two.
  2. Salary – the almighty dollar — or Euro.  This used to really be my number 2, but I gotta say, with the jobs that I’m looking at these days, this isn’t that important anymore.  Obama changed me — now I rate power and influence almost equally.  Money will come (hopefully).  And besides, I’ve got lots of rich friends to mooch off.
  3. The work — is it something that interests me?  Is it an industry that I see potential in?  How about the position itself — can it take me somewhere?  This to me is becoming more important to me these days.  Especially in DC, influence and power are very important to becoming a success here.  But just as important, I want to enjoy what I do — I want it to involved communicating with people, working on teams, and managing many different projects concurrently.  

So here’s the question — is my friend doing the right thing in this time of economic crisis?   Is it time to “settle”?  Of course, I’m temping right now for peanuts, so I guess I’ve done the same thing.  Still, I can still not commit and quit if I so desire.  

Still got those commitment issues.


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